Aero Links

A compendium of aero knowledge

Industry White Papers

Informative Tech Articles and Resarch Papers

TT/Aero Improvement Success Stories

Calculators / Power Analysis

  • Analytic Cycling
    Model your TTs before you do them, answer any aero question with math
  • Cycling Power Lab
    More aero calculations and info
  • Golden Cheetah
    Power analysis and Aerolab field testing tool
  • Optimal Cycling
    A command line tool and other resources on perfect time trial pacing
  • Best Bike Split
    A sophisticated web based tool for computing optimal time trial pacing
  • Wheel Inertia
    A spreadsheet allowing you to calculate the cost to accelerate due to wheel weight

Great Blogs and Websites

  • Tour Quarterly
    Digital version of the famous German bike magazine that does regular bike testing
  • Slowtwitch
    Great tech artciles make their way here from time to time, and you can use the search tool to dig through the archives
  • Blather 'bout Bikes
    Tom Anhalt blathers on about things that make bikes go faster. Brings data.
  • DC Rainmaker
    Mostly about watches but also intense power meter testing and reviews
  • Speed Theory
    This New Zealander dives deep in bike analysis and mathematical modeling
  • DJConnel - On Bicycles
    Dan Connely goes full geek on all kinds of bike tech
  • Alex Simmons
    A wealth of information on pacing, power, training and time trialing
  • Wattage
    A forum frequented by some of the biggest brains in power
  • Tririg
    Beautiful photography and trick aero parts of all kinds
  • Cervelo Engineering
    Dig around in the Cervelo hive mind
  • Bike Tech Review
    Wind tunnel data for sale, forums, and a different perspective
  • Friction Facts
    When you run out of aero tricks, shave the final watt with friction
  • John Cobb Research
    Wind tunnel & fit master's blog. Also makes great TT saddles
  • Alphamantis
    High tech field testing services with realtime CdA
  • Training and Racing with a Power Meter
    Lots of field tests, aero knowledge, and power training info
  • View-Speed
    Home of the most aero skewers... IN THE WORLD

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